Don’t forget these vital accessories when renovating your bathroom

Posted on: April 22,2017

If sprucing up the bathroom is on your To-Do list, we have some helpful accessories to include when you embark upon your remodel!

Lighting. While lighting is key in any space, it is especially important to bathrooms. Good lighting not only makes the room seem larger, it’s practical too! Depending on the size of your bathroom, and the amount of natural lighting you have, you’ll need to consider overhead and/or task lighting.

The mirror. What’s a bathroom without a mirror? Not just for primping and grooming, a mirror can also be a piece of art. There are lots of options, from the classic mirrored medicine cabinet, to pivot mirrors that are mounted to the wall, to antique looking glasses.

Storage solutions. Organization is a necessity in a bathroom. There is nothing worse than a cluttered countertop at 7 am. If you’re remodeling, keep storage options in mind – like cabinetry, baskets, decorative shelving, or pieces that are also decor. The goal is being able to keep things clean, tidy, and efficient.

Color. Some people like crisp, white bathrooms, while others like a splash of color. Whatever you choose, stick with a consistent palette, theme or look. And DO NOT opt for colored sinks, toilets or bathtubs. They will only look dated more quickly.

Window treatments. Privacy and light are the big considerations when choosing bathroom window treatments. Natural light is important, but the windows also need to be covered. Choices include blinds or shutters, cafe curtains or valances, or even inexpensive window film.


Updated linens. New bath linens are an immediate upgrade, especially if you’re not in the market for a huge remodel. They’re a great way to add color and pattern, too.

Decorative accessories. Bathroom accessories are decorative and functional, from the trashcan to the soap dish. Just remember to keep your accessories consistent using similar colors and finishes.

Hardware. Give your bathroom an instant update by swapping out the hardware. This includes everything from the towel rack to the faucet to the cabinet doorknobs and drawer pulls.