Why Walk-In Tubs Are the Best Choice for Seniors

Posted on: January 23,2017

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: every year, more than one third of those age 65 and older fall, and 80 percent of those falls happen in the bathroom. The bathroom is filled with slippery surfaces, and everything from the tub to the sink to the floor is typically hard. Preventing falls in the bathroom is crucial to providing a safe, secure home environment for your loved one.

In the bathroom, the bathtub is one of the most important components. Bathing is essential to hygiene, but it can also help bring relaxation. Yet for many seniors, climbing into the tub, with its high wall and slippery surfaces, is incredibly risky. This is why having a walk-in tub is so important!

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Benefits of Installing a Walk-In Bathtub

Here are some reasons why a walk-in bathtub is a must for today’s seniors.

Reduced Risk of Falls

A walk-in tub is designed to be flush or close to flush with the floor. The door to the tub opens, allowing the individual to walk in without a step or ledge. This allows even those seniors with mobility problems to get into the tub with minimal risk. Walk-in safety tubs also have hand rails, grab bars and non-slip flooring to help reduce the risk of a fall even further.

Improved Comfort of the Bath

Walk-in tubs an be designed with a built-in seat. This allows the individual to gently lower themselves into the tub in a comfortable seated position. Once in place, the bather shuts the door and fills the tub, allowing for a comfortable and relaxing bath experience with minimal risk.

Increased Independence

Walk-in tubs are ideal for seniors because they encourage ongoing independence. With the design of today’s walk-in tubs, seniors are able to manage the task of bathing without outside help. Increased independence, especially with personal tasks like bathing, leads to better emotional health. Also, independence in the bathroom can allow seniors to stay home longer, and this is better for everyone.

Improved Overall Health & Well-Being

Bathing has many benefits for older adults outside of the obvious personal hygiene benefits. Not only does it increase emotional health and independence, but spending time in a warm bath can decrease joint pain and increase circulation. Many walk-in tubs are designed with heated seats and include jets that help improve circulation and reduce pain even further.

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