Why Install a Walk-In Bathtub?

Posted on: September 26,2013

Walk-in tubs are a great choice for people who want a safe way to soak. However, some of our customers are surprised when they come to our showroom and find out that walk-in tubs aren’t just for people looking for a safe way to bathe; walk-in tubs have a number of additional benefits.

Though safety isn’t the only benefit to a Re-Bath walk-in tub, it’s still a big advantage. Did you know that the greatest number of falls in the home occur in the bathroom?

Walk-in Bathtubs Provide Safety

Walk-in tubs can help prevent falling in the bathroom. The door swings out of the tub, into the room, to make it easy to enter and exit the tub. It also allows for a quick, easy escape in case of an emergency. Each tub has strategically placed grab bars that aide movement in and out of the tub. Each tub also comes with a built in seat, and high sides, that can easily be used to support an aging person while they navigate out of the tub and around the bathroom.

Enhanced Walk-in Bathtub Features

In addition to safety feature, many of our Re-Bath walk-in tubs come with water or air jets, so while you soak in the hot bath, you can have massaging jets and bubbles to help you relax. These spa elements also have medical purposes, offering hydrotherapy to patients looking to increase circulation, decrease any type of swelling, and relieve muscle ache or tension. Some models of walk-in tubs allow you to manage the water temperature and pressure levels as well.

white walk-in bathtub with swing out door from re-bath

Other great walk-in bathtub features include: 

  • Swinging door to reduce tripping and slipping
  • Comfortable molded seat and foot rests
  • Easily accessible faucets
  • Multiple grab bars for safer bathing
  • Slip-resistant tub flooring
  • Advanced technology for filling and draining times – including Fast Flow two-inch drain with Fail Safe Chain
  • Available jetted stream systems to soothe muscle aches and arthritic pain
  • Material that won’t mold, mildew, or crack

Affordably Transform Your Bath

As with any Re-Bath bathroom remodel, our aim is to help you transform your bathroom without months of hassle. Walk-in tub installations typically take anywhere from 2-5 days, depending on the style of tub, and any modifications that need to be made to your existing bathroom space.

Before any installation or remodeling work is performed, we come to your home to give you a free bathroom consultation, providing a better estimate as to how long it should take to install your new bathtub.

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With a Re-Bath walk-in bathtub you won’t need to sacrifice design or beauty for safety. You can have both. For more information about Re-Bath & More bathroom remodels, please contact us.