How to Create a Welcoming Guest Bath

Posted on: July 17,2015

If you entertain or host overnight guests often, consider sprucing up your guest bathroom. Make it a welcoming space by adding features that bring warmth and whimsy. A guest bathroom remodel can lay the foundation for a charming and refreshed feel that will delight family and guests alike.

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An Appealing Guest Bath Vanity

In our Lancaster showroom you can see a bright collection of vanities and countertops just right for a guest bath. If you have the space, or are remodeling to increase the size of your bath, consider installing a large vanity with plenty of counter space for your guests’ comfort. This will be particularly useful when you have overnight guests who may have their own toiletries and other items that they want to have out for use.

Depending on the style you are aiming for in your bath, you might consider these materials for your vanity countertop:

  • Manufactured quartz– Quartz countertops are durable (resistant to scratches and stains), easy to clean, and come in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses. They often have a bit of sparkle that gleams when light hits it.
  • Granite– A luxurious choice, granite is usually selected for high-end bathrooms and is the most durable and easiest to care for compared to other stone countertop materials. Depending on which variety you choose, it can also impart a bit of sparkle and shine to your vanity.
  • Solid surface materials– These surfaces are non-porous, making them easy to clean, and also come in a variety of colors. Innovations in the manufacturing process have made increased the varieties and colors of solid surface, giving homeowners plenty of variety to choose from.

Add Warmth to Your Guest Bathroom with Natural Stone

Up the elegance level and create a unique look by using natural stone in your guest bathroom. Re-Bath carries a full line of exclusive natural stone bath products. The stone’s innovative design makes it an ideal choice for a guest bath as it’s groutless and easy to clean.

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Guest Bathroom Tips

Follow these tips to impress your guests!

  • When expecting guests, place fresh flowers on the vanity.
  • Wash your guest towels so that they are fluffy and fresh-smelling. If you have room, put a few in a stack.
  • Make sure you put extra rolls of toilet paper in an easy-to-find place.
  • A small basket of fancy toiletries is always a nice touch.
  • A guest bath is a great place to put a unique vintage piece or quirky piece of art.

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Guest Bathroom Remodeling in Central Pennsylvania

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