Not All Bathroom Remodelers Are Equal

Posted on: December 18,2014

When choosing a bathroom remodeling company, it is important to recognize what the company can offer you, the homeowner, before you enter into an agreement. All too often we hear stories of homeowners who were disappointed in their remodeling experience. To prevent this from happening to you, take the time to research a company fully before signing the contract – because not all bathroom remodeling companies are equal.

Here are a few items to consider to ensure you get the remodeling experience you want.

Cover-Up or Full-Service Remodeling

If what you want is a shower/tub acrylic insert to cover up your existing one, many shops in our area can do this for you. But if you want more from your bathroom remodel – such as replacing the tub or shower, updating the flooring, cabinetry, countertops and fixtures, or redesigning the layout – not all companies are equipped to handle such a project.

Limited Product Line or Large Variety from Many Manufacturers

Some companies only provide a limited selection of products. This is largely due to the business (or corporate) negotiating with one supplier to offer lower-than-market pricing. While this does reduce the price a consumer pays, it also greatly limits the menu of options. For some homeowners, a limited selection may be perfectly fine.

However, most homeowners want a variety of choices for their bathroom remodel. Not only do you get a wide selection of styles and colors (not just limited to white or bisque), but you also know that you are getting the best possible options for your remodeling projects.

Homeowner-Designed or Design-Team

When undertaking a bathroom remodeling project, you should be able to have it designed exactly how you want it. Some remodeling companies only offer one piece of the room – like only the shower/tub. From there, you act as the general contractor and need to design and coordinate the entire room yourself to pull it all together. With hundreds of options available, the process can be overwhelming.

However, when you choose to work with a remodeling company that has years of experience designing bathrooms, they do the work for you. They listen to how you want the room to look and recommend choices based on your style and the functionality you are looking for.

Jack-of-All Trades or Specialized Installers

Homeowners should be aware of a remodeling company that doesn’t specialize. If they say they can do it all, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can do it all well. Often, remodeling nightmares stem from a homeowner hiring a jack-of-all-trades.

Look for a company that is invested in a specialty trade, like a landscaper, painter or bathroom remodeler. These folks have narrowed down their focus to a specific set of skills and as a result, projects tend to go smoother, the workmanship is superior and ultimately, it is a more enjoyable experience for the homeowner.

When choosing a remodeling firm to update your bathroom, make sure you look at everything – not just price – to ensure that you get the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Even though ReBath & More is a franchise, we do much more than a typical cover-up company. We are a full-service bath remodeling company. Download our free Bathroom Remodeling Guide for additional tips to help you navigate the complexities of remodeling your bathroom.