Bathroom Storage Solutions

Built-In Storage for Your Central PA Bathroom Remodel

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, you’re making a big investment in your home’s appearance and functionality. That’s why you want to ensure that every choice that you make during this process is both aesthetically appealing and practical. One of the most important ways of doing this is by adding built-in storage space like cabinets, shelves, and niches to your Central PA bathroom remodel!

When it comes to storage solutions, your choice may be determined by your lifestyle, tastes, and your your bathroom remodeling project’s budget. That’s where the design consultants at Re-Bath & More are here to help! We can help you find the right built-in storage for your bathroom remodel to fit your specific needs.

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Custom Bathroom Cabinetry


Imagine this: you just woke up on a weekday morning and it’s time to take the kids to school. You need to go through your morning routine in the bathroom, but your toiletries are a jumbled mess because you don’t have storage space to keep it all organized! If this sounds like an issue you’re facing in your Central PA home, built-in bathroom cabinetry could be the solution.

Our bathroom design specialists can add in custom cabinetry to fit in your space to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to add extra cabinets beneath or atop your sink, we can make it happen! We also add free-standing cabinets throughout the rest of your bathroom to store towels, toiletries, and whatever else you want to be organized and out of site.

Cabinets are a great choice if you don’t like all of your bathroom items to be on display. Keeping things hidden and in order in their own space is a great way to boost your space’s functionality and appearance for a less stressful bathroom experience!

Built-In Bathroom Shelves


Another great way to keep things organized in your bathroom is by adding custom shelving! Our team at Re-Bath & More can install built-in bathroom shelving wherever is the most convenient for your needs, whether it be adjacent to your bathtub (like the traditional-style shelves pictured above by Normandy Remodeling in Chicago), next to the shower, above the toilet, or right by your sink and vanity.

Shelves are a great choice for homeowners with small bathrooms and limited space to work with, since they simply jut into the wall rather than taking up valuable square footage in your bathroom. However, it’s important to keep in mind that when you choose shelves over cabinets, your items will be on display when stored rather than hidden behind cabinet doors! This is a great way to add a touch of your personal style by adding in colorful decor in addition to your personal items upon the shelves, which can really your bathroom’s design together.

Custom Built Bathroom Niches


Niches are a great way to add storage without taking up additional space in your bathroom. Though these are often seen in the shower itself, niches can be installed throughout your bathroom for convenient, easy-to-reach storage solutions to keep items off of your countertop or floor.

A shower niche is an indented shelf in the wall of your shower, which offers a space where you can store soaps, shampoos, and anything else you use in the shower! These convenient storage areas provide an easy way to keep your shower organized and to avoid tripping over all of your in-shower necessities, which would usually sit on the edge of your bathtub or the floor of your shower. They also keep items easily accessible while you’re showering. If you’ve been looking for a way to make your shower more functional, a shower niche could be the answer.

Design Custom Bathroom Storage Solutions with Re-Bath & More in Central PA

Ready to improve the storage space available in your Central Pennsylvania bathroom? The design specialists at Re-Bath & More can help!


Waiting for your new bathroom shouldn’t take weeks. Your bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your home, so the last thing you need is a stressful and time-consuming renovation. Once you schedule your initial consultation, your new bathroom will be:

  • Finished efficiently and professionally
  • Installed by factory-trained and licensed installers
  • Reflective of your custom design choices
  • Protected by Re-Bath’s manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty against product defects
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