High-Quality Products for Bathroom Remodeling

Are you looking for floating cabinets to take up the space above your countertops? Would full size cabinets be ideal to house your linens in a corner of your bathroom that isn’t currently used? Do you want to utilize cabinetry as part of your bathroom remodel so that you get the most use of your space? The professionals at Re-Bath & More are here to help you in the process.

Cabinets are a crucial part of any bathroom remodel, providing much-needed storage space in a small bathroom, elevating the elegance of your master bathroom, and creating an organizational structure during the bathroom design phase.

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Selecting Your Bathroom Cabinetry

Don’t take your cabinets for granted—it can easily enhance or diminish the overall feel of a finished, remodeled bathroom. When you select your cabinetry, you’ll want to consider:

Size of the cabinets – taking into account the size of the sink, width of the vanity, and the wall space available

Height of the cabinets – considering the height of those who normally use the bathroom

Finish of the cabinets – including the appearance of the rest of the bathroom, like the countertops, bathtub, and color palette

Aesthetic of the knobs – depending on the style of the rest of the bathroom, the knobs for the cabinetry may be a chance for a fun pop of color

Cabinets can simply serve their purpose by providing space in the bathroom, but they can also do so much more. Depending on the product you pick, cabinets can:

  • Provide additional storage
  • Serve as a linen closet
  • Allow for use of “dead space”
  • Create space for a built-in television

You can also go with current trends for bathroom remodels and select a unique item for cabinetry like an upcycled china cabinet, wine barrels, or a flea market or antique piece of furniture.

Begin Your Central PA Bathroom Remodel

Choosing cabinetry is just one step in a full remodel of your bathroom, but that process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Re-Bath & More, our design consultants have a vast knowledge of bathroom products and designs and can help you create the perfect plan for your dream Central PA bathroom.

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