Roll-In Showers

High Quality Roll-In Shower Options for Your Central PA Bathroom Remodel

If you or someone in your home use a wheelchair, chances are that taking showers can be a challenge. Installing a barrier-free, roll-in shower in your Central PA bathroom makes showering significantly easier for those in wheelchairs.

Roll-in showers are designed so that shower wheelchairs can be rolled directly into the shower, eliminating the need to move from a wheelchair to a shower chair. Typically, a roll-in shower will have a barrier of less than half an inch so that the wheelchair can move smoothly over it and into the shower.

But don’t think that you’ll have to sacrifice style for safety! Though these showers meet ADA size specifications for wheelchair accessibility, and provide all of the safety options necessary for a convenient and risk-free shower, they are also high-quality, beautifully designed showers. You don’t have to compromise design or style in your home—roll-in showers can be both functional and attractive!

At Re-Bath & More, we are able to install roll-in showers to replace your existing shower or bathtub area. Give us a call today at 717-208-2482 to schedule a free in-home estimate, or contact us online to learn more about our roll-in shower options.

Features of a Roll-In Shower

Our team of expert remodelers at Re-Bath & More install fiberglass roll-in showers, and typically an acrylic or polyester gelcoat will cover the wall and tub areas. Often, these types of showers come with a plywood backing, so drywall is not necessary to install.

We install roll-in showers that come in one, three, or five pieces. A one-piece unit will be seamless, but can be difficult to fit inside of a home. However, three- and five-piece units can fit easily into the home, and we are able to fit the pieces together so that no leaking occurs.

Roll-in showers can include the following features:

  • Threshold – This is the sill that contains the water in the shower so it does not leak out into the rest of your bathroom. The threshold is usually around half an inch high with beveled edges.
  • Shower Heads – Adjustable shower heads are mounted on vertical bars so that they can be height adjustable, which allows them to accommodate those showering in wheelchairs as well as those not showering in wheelchairs. These showerheads are also able to be handheld with long hoses for ease of use.
  • Grab Bars – These bars can be installed horizontally on shower walls, but can also be installed at an angle or vertically to best benefit the user.

If you are interested in learning more about roll-in showers for your Central PA bathroom remodel, or you’d like to schedule a free in-home estimate, call Re-Bath & More at 717-208-2482 or contact us online today!

Install a Roll-In Shower in Your Central PA Home

Selecting your new shower is just one choice of many when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, but the experts at Re-Bath & More are here to help make that a hassle-free process. We have remodeled thousands of bathrooms throughout Central Pennsylvania and are happy to help you make your dream bathroom a reality!

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