Limitless Options for Your Central PA Bathroom Remodel

When re-designing your bathroom or shower enclosure, one of the most exciting parts is choosing your showerhead. That’s because there are so many unique designs and amazing comfort features available to make your Lancaster, PA, shower unique. Shower hardware manufacturers have gotten creative with their showerhead offerings in recent years, taking inspiration from nature as well as from high-end day spas.

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Showerhead Evolution

Luxury and trend-focused shower hardware designers are encouraging consumers to abandon the traditional single showerhead. Most types of showerheads have kept the traditional feature of adjustable spray patterns and pressure. You can go from a subtle, relaxing, pulsing spray to an energizing massage and select low-flow options if desired.

Popular Showerhead Types

  • Rain showerheads are getting the most press coverage these days and they do have an impressive look. These sizable, square, rectangular, round or donut-shaped showerheads spread water over a large area, even if they’re low-flow models. This showerhead creates an effect like standing under fresh rainfall with water reaching your body at low pressure. The sensation is an exquisite one of water falling over your body, rather than being sprayed at you.
  • Ceiling-mounted or top-mounted showerheads let water to fall straight down, directly onto your head and body. These may be large fixtures like the rain models described above. This design can also keep water focused on your body, without hitting the shower walls as much as other designs. This may make for easier shower cleaning and less chance of mold growth. The showerhead itself, however, may not be so easy to clean and you don’t get the option to adjust the water’s direction. The ceiling mount is a great solution for lower-ceilinged showers.
  • Shower panels are installed in one (or more) shower walls. The panels spray out water from massaging jets, from about neck level to knees. The sensation has been compared to a whirlpool bathtub.
  • Rows of showerheads, typically positioned on opposite walls of your shower, create a crisscrossed body misting experience from your head to toes.
  • Conventional single spray, high-on-the-wall-mounted showerheads are often straightforwardly adjustable by turning the head itself like a nozzle. These may be the least expensive type, loved by many loyal shower-takers. You may need to add an extended, flexible, handheld model for kids or shorter family members.
  • Dual or multiple showerheads sometimes use only one on/off/flow adjustment lever, or they may use diversion valves to direct the water through one head at a time, to suit your preference or conserve water.
  • Sliding-bar showerheads work well for users of differing heights. The head is situated on a vertical bar, allowing you to adjust the head height, up or down, as needed.
  • Handheld showerheads offer the ultimate in showering (and especially rinsing) flexibility. These versatile showerheads, attached to long articulated hoses, can be removed from their wall clip to rinse those difficult-to-reach areas. If you have a seated shower, handheld heads are ideal and they also work well for rinsing shower doors or walls.

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