High-Quality Products for Bathroom Remodels

Within your bathroom, the sink experiences the most traffic—from washing your hands and face to brushing your teeth, your sink is integral to your everyday routines. If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, a huge choice to make for your new design is the selection of your sink.


Choosing a Bathroom Sink for Your Remodel

At Re-Bath & More, we carry a wide selection of sinks to ensure that you can find the perfect option for your new bathroom. When choosing a sink, the three most important things to consider are mounting, size, and shape. 

How your sink is mounted can affect the feel and functionality of your bathroom. You have the option of:

  • Undermount: these fit underneath the countertop and vanity
  • Pedestal: these free-standing sinks are perfect for smaller bathrooms
  • Vessel:  these sit on top of your countertops (like a bowl)
  • Integral: these can be recessed or flush and blend in nicely with your countertops

Each of these can drastically alter the personality and functionality of a bathroom, so our design consultants will discuss the benefits of each type of sink mounting before finalizing your redesign plans.

You will also want to consider your sink’s:

  • Color
  • Shape (including round, rectangular, or oval)
  • Compatibility with your selected faucet
  • Durability (how it will withstand everyday use)
  • Size (most round sinks are 16- to 20-inches in diameter; rectangular sinks are usually 19- to 24-inches wide)
  • Depth (typical basin depth is 5- to 8-inches)

Sinks can be selected to purposefully blend in or stand out—it’s all part of the many choices you have when designing your dream bathroom!

square sink parade of home 2014

How to Choose the Right Sink for You

The first thing to consider when choosing a bathroom sink is which bathroom it will be installed in. Are you remodeling your master bathroom? A powder room? A full bathroom that all of your kids share? This should give you insights as far as who will be using the sink and how often they’ll be using it. If it’s a powder room or guest bathroom, it will be used differently than the bathroom your children use to brush their teeth every morning!

If you’re installing a sink for a full-service bathroom that gets a lot of traffic and use, you may want to consider an undermount sink. These are popular, functional, and easy to clean with a classic look, and they’re great for busy families.

If you’re looking for something that saves space for a small bathroom (like a half bath or a powder room), you may want to consider a pedestal sink, which don’t take up much room. However, they also do not offer storage space beneath the sink, so make sure you’ve got alternative storage solutions in mind if you’re thinking of choosing a pedestal sink!

For an elegant master bathroom, vessel sinks add a touch of flair that can really transform your space from an average bathroom to a master retreat! These sinks are reminiscent of spas, luxury hotels, and other upscale environments.

Begin Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Still not sure what kind of sink is right for you? Your sink may only be one choice of many when you are remodeling your bathroom, but don’t worry! Our bathroom design consultants can help you every step of the way to ensure that your finished bathroom design is cohesive and beautiful.

When you contact us, we will schedule an in-home appointment with a remodeling specialist who will walk through all your redesign choices—including sinks and more. Our consultants have a vast knowledge about our selection of high-quality products and designs and always keep up with industry trends.

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