Bathroom Tile Colors and Patterns

Re-Bath & More offers tile wall surroundings so that your bathroom can be customized to your unique specifications. With more families choosing to create bathrooms with walk in showers that feature entirely tiled or almost entirely tiled walls, it is crucial that you be able to pick the best tile that complements the aesthetics choices you’ve made for your bathroom.

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Tile Colors for Your Bathroom Walls

You can choose the best wall system for your bathroom based on the color that suits your family’s needs. Do you have a family who tends to track mud into the bathroom after soccer matches? Then our Florentine Marble may be the best choice to hide any dirt on your floor. Are you looking for a neutral white that has hints of antiquity? Try White Carrera tile with subtle pops of color for your towels.

We have an array of stone options for you, including solid, granite, travertine, marble, and slate. Our offerings of wall system colors are laid out below:

wall system colors 1.5


wall system colors 2

Tile Patterns for Your Pennsylvania Bathroom

We also offer you choices on the best wall pattern for your bathroom, which is dependent largely upon your personal preference. Though there are some tile colors that look better in specific patterns, for the most part you can choose the tile color and pattern that you like best for your bathroom!

Re-Bath & More offers the following patterns for tile wall surroundings:

wall system pattern 1

wall system pattern 2

Central Pennsylvania Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you’re remodeling your master bathroom, a guest bathroom, a small bathroom, or a half bathroom, you can trust Re-Bath & More for our expertise. With our history of award-winning bathrooms, we are the choice to make when it comes to choosing the right tile color and pattern for your wall surrounding in your bathroom!

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