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The toilet may be the most used equipment in your bathroom, and thus should be an important decision during your bathroom remodeling design process. Re-Bath & More has been remodeling bathrooms in the Central PA region for many years and we can provide the complete redesign service to make your dream bathroom a reality—starting with the toilet! At Re-Bath & More, we install Kohler toilets.

Choosing a Toilet to Complement Your Bathroom Remodel

Did you know that close to 90 percent of all toilets sold in the U.S. are white? While the standard look for the toilet may help keep your bathroom style timeless and easy to clean, there are many options when putting together your remodeling ideas and plans.

In addition to the color of your toilet—there are many choices aside from white, including beige, blues, greens, and black—you can consider the shape of your toilet bowl:

  • Round-front bowls – these “snub-nose” bowls fit in smaller spaces.
  • Elongated bowls – these pear-shaped bowls add several inches of bowl space in front of the toilet, perfect for larger bathrooms.

You will also want to discuss your desired bowl height. While 14 to 15 inches above the floor is standard for toilets, taller bowls that are 17 to 19 inches off the ground are becoming more popular—especially with older homeowners who wish to age-in-place.

Another factor to consider when selecting your toilet is the flushing capacity. The amount of traffic your new bathroom will experience can impact the toilet’s gallons of water per flush—usually ranging from 1.6 to 3.5 gallons. The best way to determine the type of take and flushing capacity you need is to talk to a professional, like the experts at Re-Bath & More.

Picking the Right Toilet Style for You

When it comes to toilets, in addition to having a few options when it comes to shape, height, and flushing capacity, there are also a variety of styles to choose from!

The most “traditional” style of toilet that we install is a two-piece toilet, which has a separate tank and bowl. These are easy to install, and the seam between the tank and bowl is sealed with rubber gaskets, which last years. However, eventually when those gaskets begin to fail, you could experience leaks in your bathroom, which can be difficult to repair!

We also install one-piece toilets, which are models that do not have a seam between the bowl and the tank. This is beneficial because it’s rare for this toilet style rarely leaks, and there’s no seam in which dirt can collect. However, they typically cost more than their two-piece toilet counterparts.

Toilet Placement

Once you’ve decided on the perfect toilet model, you must decide where it will go in your bathroom. Remodeling projects with lower budgets will typically keep the toilet in the same place (or along the “wet wall” with the bathtub and sink), but there are other options to ensure that you bathroom still has the desired amount of privacy. Some homeowners create a toilet area separate from the showers and vanity while others ensure that the toilet is out of sight (either off to one side of the door or protected by the vanity).

Moving plumbing lines can become a big expense, but the design consultants at Re-Bath & More can ensure that your finished bathroom can stay within budget and meet all your redesign dreams—in terms of functionality, beauty, and privacy.

Aging-in-Place Toilet Options for Seniors

At Re-Bath & More, we pride ourselves on our president Jon Witmer’s Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation. CAPS are builders and remodelers who have been trained and educated in the implementation of both functional and attractive home improvements for homeowners who want to live safely in their own homes as they age.

When we’re considering toilet options for your Central PA bathroom remodel, there are a variety of options we can look at to maximize comfort and safety for seniors.

The first option we suggest is to install a taller toilet. Toilets that are at least 2.5 inches higher than standard models, which allows for easier lowering and standing when using the toilet. That 2.5 inches may not sound like much, but it makes a world of difference for seniors with bad knees or hips who have trouble sitting and standing!

We also install grab bars near toilets to prevent falls and to provide leverage when using the bathroom. Today’s grab bars are more attractive than their original aluminum iterations, with a variety of finishes and styles to match any bathroom décor!

Learn more about aging-in-place bathroom remodeling from Re-Bath & More now.

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